SAVAJE is more than mere clothing, it’s an attitude.
      With an early start in sketching as a teen, Fabrice spent much of her time learning about fabric, and style, and drawing to create looks for herself. While studying Biology at Texas Southern University she realized her love of fashion outweighed her current educational pursuits. Fabrice began experimenting whenever possible to design and create garments, which resulting in her college friends becoming her clients. Convinced that fashion would become her career; she applied her math and science knowledge to patternmaking and sewing. She enrolled in the Fashion Design & Illustration program at Houston Community College expanding her knowledge and execution. While enrolled, Fabrice explored every opportunity to perfect her skills. These opportunities included working backstage fashion shows, including Fashion Houston, working with high profile designers to being offered a position as a tailor for the 2016 Paralympic Games.

    Fabrice thinks of herself as an engineer of sorts, and thinks of fashion as architecture for the body. Where the human body is the foundation and uses her design talents to sketch unique looks and, manipulate luxurious fabrics and embellishments to highlight the body’s assets for both men and women.

    Fabrice established SAVAJE to create clothes that make people feel empowered, strong, and confident. She believes that the people she serves are the foundation of her design and of the company. In the current fast-fashion climate, Fabrice uses the personal service that SAVAJE provides to promote her dedication to quality.

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